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Functional Anatomy and Alignment 

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (and Immersion for Dedicated Students)

with Claire Stetina Zurbugg

20 hours (17 Contact Hours + 3 Study Hours)


FEB 2020 (date to be announced soon)


Fridays 7-9pm

Saturdays and Sundays 8-4p


Location: The Grinning Yogi, Seattle WA

This course can be part of The Grinning Yogi 300 hour training towards 500 hour credential wth Yoga Alliance, or can be taken as continuing education for yoga teachers on any path. Requirement: 200 hr yoga certification or instructor permission 

The details matter! This course is a deep dive into the details and nuances of therapeutic alignment technique, which can be applied to all styles of yoga. Learn the Vinyasa Alignment Method, a style of teaching yoga in which emphasis is given on moving with precision and intelligence, a system to protect joints.  This will include the study of anatomy as it relates to yoga asana, educational yoga lab workshops, as well as teaching methodology and technique to deliver cues and yoga classes in a clear, effective, and safe way.

This training bridges the therapeutic yoga world with the Vinyasa one. Set your teaching apart, students more than ever are seeking highly skilled technically trained yoga instructors!


-10+ hours of Module Instruction for Movement Based Anatomy w Study for Proper Muscle Engagement & Release

-Study of Arthrokinematics

-Introduction to actions based cueing and effective assisting yoga asana

-Demystifying common alignment cues

-Introduction to yoga therapeutics

-Practicum Asana Clinics (alignment labs) w Break Down Instruction For Proper Teaching + Execution of Asanas

-Hand-Out Study Materials w Required Readings    

Sample Schedule: (Subject to change)


700-900p What is Functional Anatomy/Anatomy of Stretching/Terminology ~ Study Hours 2



800-9:30a Spine and Pelvis Anatomy + Palpation

9:30-12p Pelvis Joint Angle Lab + Pelvis Asana Clinic

12-1 Lunch

1-4 Twists/Folds/Knees


800-9:30 Shoulder/ Upper Body Anatomy + Palpation 

930-12 Shoulder Asana Clinic 

12-1 Lunch

1-230 Body Assessment/ Body Balancing/ Art of Seeing

230-4 Cueing Functionally

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