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Claire Stetina Zurbrugg (E-RYT 500, YACEP, LMT) is the Founder of Bellingham Yoga Collective and Co-Founder of Lynden Yoga Collective. She is a yoga educator, yoga teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist offering public classes, workshops, retreats and trainings in both Bellingham and abroad. She is passionate about studying and sharing the intersectionality of mindfulness systems, tools and yoga philosophy from Anicent India with the evolution of functional movement, anatomical awareness and creative innovation that is happening in modern yoga in the West. Claire has been deeply influenced by Bhakti, Anusara and Iyengar schools of thought and is a product of her personal practices, personal relationships and teachers Katchie Ananda, Annie Carpenter, Christina Sell, Janet Stone, Rusty Wells, Harvey Deutch PT and Eric Rubin DC.

Her intent with the spaces she stewards is to offer a heart-full sanctuary where we can gather in community to be in relationship with source wisdom, accessed from inside each one of us. Claire is in a life long love affair with yoga, her mission is to make the practices, traditions and teachings relevant, transformative and sustainable.

"As a compassionate and skillful yoga instructor and massage therapist, Claire has helped me to both cope with and eradicate pain from osteoarthritis, stess and inflammation. Her positive attitude, generous spirit and natural abilities have literally given me a new lease on life!"               - Ellen Age 66 (San Francisco)
"I will take a Claire yoga class whenever I have the opportunity.  
I love her sequencing and her ability to open my tight area, eg. hips or shoulders... I know you know.
Inevitably there comes a moment in class when my breath is in tune with my movements and I'm focused and she has guided me into a pose where I'm beyond where I went yesterday.  I am exactly where I should be at this moment and I am fully aware and calm and working my a** off at the same time. 
Thank you Claire. After Claire's classes I feel fulfilled."   -Randy (San Francisco)

"I have been studying yoga for 15 years . Claire is one of the very best teachers i have ever been privileged to study with. Her alignment classes are amazing - I have learned so much about my body and how to move without injury.
Claire teaches from her heart with great knowledge and a sweet temperament. Her mix of dharma talks, chanting and use of the harmonium create a meditative and focused environment that always leaves me feeling elated and relaxed at the same time. Her retreats are very special  with great care to details . She strives to make a  comfortable environment encouraging  us to work at our best according to our own capabilities. Thank you so much Claire - for being who you are. " -Mary (Pacifica, CA)

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