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Massage Therapy

"Massage as medicine is as old as human beings. We are in the process of shifting our cultural understanding of massage as luxury and placing it in it's rightful realm as an integral aspect of health, wellness and radical self-care." 


I was injured nine years ago in a car accident, and left with chronic pain and discomfort that to this day must be managed. This has changed the course of my life. I experienced, and still experience profound healing through yoga and massage therapy. This experience has provided me with a unique set of skills to support my clients in their healing process. My lifes work is to empower people to understand their bodies, to both understand and support their injuries, and to help create a lifestyle to aid in personal transformation and healing.


I provide multi-modality therapeutic massage sessions, carefully crafted towards the needs and goals of each client - towards optimal health and wellbeing. I blend elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy, and more subtle positional release techniques for a results based massage experience. Therapeutic Massage has countless benefits- pain relief, stress reduction, preventative body maintenance, to name a few.  Our muscles a carry the stories of our lives, we all create muscle patterns, depending on our life experiences, whether that be a repetitive work activity, a specific trauma that can stress our body into an unhealthy muscle pattern. In my experience, Bodywork is one of the most effective ways to support us being able to integrate every life circumstance and force that affects us, physically and emotionally. Massage is a radical act of self care, self love and personal transformation- and more recently is being recognized as a necessary component to health. Each session is a way to tap into the bodies innate tendency towards wholeness, self awareness and healing. LMT #60799237


My Home Massage Studio



Urban Yoga Spa

4th at Stewart Street

Seattle WA


By appointment



What to expect?  Expect a safe environment to let go of what needs to be let go in your body. Expect a custom tailored massage experience addressing your needs. Before each session you will discuss any goals and  concerns with  your therapist. Massages can range from full body relaxation to specific focused sessions on one area of the the body to support injury or discomfort. You will be on a massage table, under blankets, each area massaged will be modestly undraped and once done, re draped. Expect soothing music and aromatherapy if desired. Depending on the bodywork, lotions and oils are used.

Is it painful? Deeper tissue bodywork can be painful, but I like to describe deep work as “hurts so good”- sometimes a muscle needs deeper pressure to unwind or let go, sometimes scar tissue needs to be broken up, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Communication is crucial between therapist and client to finding the right amount of pressure for each situation.

Why is it a benefit that you are a yoga teacher? The blend of massage therapist and yoga instructor is unique in that it provides a unique set of skills to support an individual's healing process, well being, and ability to find balance-body and mind. My training as a yoga teacher, alignment, anatomy, kinsesesology and muscle relationships helps inform my massage work on every level. My ability to understand the body in movement, supports my ability to provide you the most effective massage. massage supports yoga, yoga supports massage, and blended together is a recipe for optimal health and a vibrant life!

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