May 19th th 2018 (Saturday)

Self Massage : Yoga Ball Therapy

@ Urban Yoga Spa


Through the use of self massage therapy balls and other self massage techniques, learn how to give yourself therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release self massage in common high tension areas. In this special two hour experiential workshop, Claire (who is both a  massage therapist and yoga teacher) will guide and teach you the skills necessary to relieve and release muscle tension, ease aches, reduce stress, allow for better breathing, and improve posture. You will learn an effective head to toe massage series, as well as more focus on releasing the shoulders, low back, hips, and chest. This is a highly effective and powerful set of techniques for self-care, as well as a complementary system to support your yoga practice.
*No experience required, all materials will be provided!

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Seattle, WA

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