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Are you a recent grad of a yoga teacher training and not sure what the next steps should be for you? Let me help you.


I have taught yoga at many different types of venue (studio, fitness business, corporate, outdoors, retreats), I have managed yoga studios, I have auditioned and hired yoga teachers- I want to help you refine your teaching skills, create a business plan, and give you valuable feedback so that you can enter the industry and step into the role of teacher with success.

This is a three month program in which you will work one on one with me towards your goals as a yoga instructor- You will receive a customized package of services, some of which are:

-One on one meetings together

-Business plan

-Resume feedback

-Teaching skills

-Assist in my public classes when appropriate

-I will take or shadow your class and give you feedback

-Private lessons on assists and effective sequencing

-Introductions to hiring manager of yoga studios through my personal connections and personal recommendations from me when ready

*upon completion of program you will become eligible to assist me in my offerings to the public- including workshops, trainings, immersions and retreats when needed

Investment : $350

Please email 

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